Both my mother and paternal grandmother share the exact same birthday in the month of March. So naturally this month has always been a time to pay homage to the women who have made the ultimate impact on my life. These days, March becomes all the more significant as the world collectively lauds the contributions made by women across all facets of our society; from nurturing mothers to physicians and physicists, to artists and cultural geniuses to athletes and all in between.

As the general manager here at Urban Broadcast Media, I am filled with immense pride at the privilege to use our platform to celebrate women. This month we creatively center women throughout our programming. Listeners can tune in to hear vignettes playing on UBM Radio. While viewers can tune in to our YouTube channel to watch video showcasing six esteemed Black women who are dynamic forces in their respective fields. Still, we have some social media fun and invite all our followers to join our #MyMamaSaid activities. It’s an exchange to share wise words of wisdom or advice our mothers gave to guide us on our path.

It is our mission here at UBM to inspire legacy, preserve culture, and amplify voices. With that intention, I invite you to follow our #ListentoWomen Campaign during Women’s History Month. Like, comment, and please share what you see.